Subconscious and Mark J

Hey I help people have fun going their own home business –

I do several things – but if you are not having fun and making

great friends and money at the same time you are wasting

your time… Learn more be more and have a whole lot more

fun doing it!

It’s the only way to really live and love life and others too!

I’m going to get started in Mark J’s program Again –

Lots of work but I have to change inside to make the outside better!

The following video – Write it down and learn – WOULD IT BE OKAY IF –

Watch the video and learn more — 


Nothing attracts Money like Money

It can be said that nothing attracts money,

like more money, it’s like vanity or beauty…

So to make money you need a system that is a foundation for a future trend, like bitcoin before the masses come…

So when will they start to come – it all depends on who you talk to 2022 – 2024 – we will see.

The media wants to tell you it will never be any good but the major players are coming into it and with lots of money – follow the money – get into it – your profits may not be as big as early investors but there is still lots to be made …

Bitcoin will be bigger than ever – past 20 – 40K in time!

Now is the time to prepare and get in before other masses do!!!.

Here is more on –




My Money and Life vs Jesus Christ

There has always been a battle between money and Closeness to Christ but there are a few exceptions of faithful people – Solomon for a while and Abraham forever – what was the difference? Between Solomon and Abraham?   Well – in a short answer Faith Full Actions all through out their lives –

Solomon – started out well but didn’t last – Abraham was always faithful – through out his life but there is third person we need to look at Job!

Job lost almost all that he possessed – but his faith and steadfastness to God, his wife, children, wealth, animals, friends, home, health, and was in great stress – even great trials, more then he had ever been in before… yet he was faithful and would not deny God, his name he would not profane, he would not curse GOD, deny him or seek to call upon God, even in the midst of all these great trials… he later gained all he had back and more… but could we do the same?

Watch the video and learn more about Job!

The Power of Restoration and Truth

Here are several videos about the restoration – all have some important parts but using the full gospel will forever change your life for the better!

Let’s start with the first vision –

Great prices paid to get bible out to common man by Tyndale and others!

Modern Apostles testify of the great restoration…

But what of the book of Mormon?

You can get a free copy here!

 All of this and more await the faithful – latter day saints as they remain faithful and follow modern prophets and apostles!

Push Yourself to Move Up Ward and Forward

No one can move themselves up better then your own efforts, with the Lord and with your BEST efforts…

In my last years of my life what will be of most worth for me to work on – of course it will be with my family, my temple work, and missionary work, and my personal progression to get closer to God and his spirit but all become and choose to be my very best – having joy – in those areas of life were – loving kindness, can best bless others and help them be faithful to the best in them and the best in following their best inspiration and faith in doing those things that are right before, first of All God and of second of all of man!

Notice the priorities – first with God and Second with man!

Faithfulness in following your best inspiration from God and the best that your inspired to do to improve yourself and others around you…

Lets’ not forget diligence after our revelation and follow up – then returning and reporting again – this pattern is how we grow in following the Lord! It is eternal and will lead to our perfection!

What does it matter if no one sees you

There is so much going on – personally and online – just to be seen – just to be heard – millions are screaming out but are they being heard?

Maybe – but the power to be heard and the desire to change the world it greater then ever… will it be?

Socially so inept and limited – by desire and by fear —

We waste so much time online and are not heard or seen – not engaged with or socially satisfied to say the least – meet me on facebook but never in person?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Maybe we can do more in person in our homes and families or at work then we will ever do online no matter what happens…  if we want to change the world start at our homes, use your best inspiration, best love and best efforts with your spouse and your children…



Introduction to “Book of Commandments” or Doctrine and Covenants – section 1:1-17

There is so much more that needs to be said about this great book – please look at the following Institute manual on the Doctrine and Covenants –

I bear solemn Testimony that this great work is with and by the Hand of God through Jesus the Christ our Lord and Savior with his chosen servants – especially – Joseph Smith and other prophets ( Apostles too), who have been called of God to restore and bring forth this great work – no unhallowed hand – can stop this work – it will go forth until the purposes of God are fulfilled to bring to pass the work of the Father – and prepare the world for his sons second coming – of which I and millions of others world wide are waiting for inside and out side of his Church – the official name of Christ’s restored church is – The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints – ( church of Jesus Christ )!