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Can We Just Be a Little More Patient

If being – patient is so important – why is it so hard to do, with so many people?  ( Especially those we find fault with! )

We often only see the world through our own eyes and think there is nothing else out there, but we would be totally wrong!

What we see is not necessarily what others see or are going through?

We rarely have all the facts about someone – not matter what, we do or think…

Often we can only guess about someone and often we would be wrong – completely wrong!

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By What Authority Do You Speak

In Christian Churches by what authority does your ministers speak?

By college degree, by board appointment, or by the power of the word and scriptures or bible?

It could be any of these, and yet is his authority – does it have power in earth and in heaven?  Does GOD recognize it?

Was there any doubt – that Moses had authority?  When he performed the miracles he did?  NO!   Most of us don’t get authority like that… nonetheless – that authority still exists, and it will be shown in the future – by two prophet in Jerusalem and in other ways too…

@@ Note this following is not an LDS video, –

so some this message, maybe incorrect! @@

There is not modern revelation – as of yet who these angels are!  In time all of these things will be truly revealed – until that time we don’t know who they are…

The great truth is these angels or prophet will come and are real – LDS know they are not Michael or  Gabriel – for sure – in this area – this man is mistaken!   

The following is a perfect example of how many without modern prophets can be lead astray!!  

But is there any doubt in a believers mind that that these two witnesses or Prophets as Mormons like to call them, will exist?  Not in my mind, this will in part fulfill the words of the Lords – that as it was in the beginning – so shall it be in the end!