As Sons and Daughters of the Most High God

We are often blinded by our own sins and weaknesses – unfortunately – only as we choose to repent and turn to God can we discover our own greatness! Our Divine connections with God ( both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother), they are our own best hope and chance for greatness and change in an ever increasing and evil world… but remember light always overcomes the darkness – it’s darkest before the dawn..

Remember Remember who and what we are – sons and daughters of the Most High God! It’s in the memory and hope – that all things are possible ( ATAP)  Remember that Jesus Christ came to heal us and keep us from Sin and bring us to the Father… It’s through Christ we all come to the Father, and tap into our greatest potential as offspring of Gods – yes to become as Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are – Gods… This is our heritage our Hope and our Future if we Live for it…

Now let us Remember and Live like we used to as Sons and Daughters of  Most high God, to Love and serve each other as Sons and Daughters of God – Christ said – If ye love me – ye shall love one another, serve one another and bless one another as I would – if I were among you… See more @


Make it Hard to Spend and Easy to make Money!

I know it’s easier said than done – I have struggled all of my adult life to learn how to keep my money and not spend it… it generally has not worked – the only exceptions is when I have wanted to travel and get away – the only really problem with that is – simple it never lasts long enough and it’s always a great expense and challenge..

Meaning – I could not make money on it – and it’s too short in time… The lesson here is simple – I have to make it more emotionally painful to spend and much more enjoyable to earn – so how can I really do that?

This is a great question – the answers will vary with almost everyone, but for me traveling to somewhere warmer for a week or two would be great, especially if I could get paid for it and help others learn to do the same… what would make it better is to do it with a group and learn from them – make some friendship etc…

A New Beginning!

How many of us want to start over?  Want to make things Better?  I do and so do many other people – there are problems that slow us down or stop us, its time to get clear and understand what we have to do – to go from where we now are to where we want to go…

The master of the Universe – Our Lord and Savior said – the Truth shall make you Free!  He also said the Kingdom of God is With in us – so we have to look at several things and get a better picture of who we are and where we are currently at…

Most of this responsibility is ours – period – but we are not alone nor should we be doing this without the blessings and help of others of God…. so let’s get back to some faith basics that most Christians should know but too few are talking and acting on..

My faith is more important than anything else I know of – life, power, health, influence, well you name it…. but that does not mean I’m where I want to be and that I can get there alone or that I can’t improve how I do things and how I involve others…

My strengths – Know what I want to do and working on how to get there but weaknesses not working together, with out team members ( no team members ) why?

Christ called some team players – trained them and changed the world… you have the same authority too, why are you not using it?   Great Question… Lets learn to use it…

The following video is with Elder Ashton and becoming more self reliant.. he ( Ashton ) uses Nephi as an example, because he had to build or was commanded to build a boat and would need tools, and help from his brothers etc..  But God did not build the boat for Nephi — God will inspire us if we are willing to do the work… so let’s go to work…

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Are you a Team Player?

I admit one of my biggest problems is not being a good team player…

So how can I help you?

Learn to do some of the things, that I have not learned to do well….

Find out more about what you like to do and use these to help your team more…

Learn to follow and lead – help and serve too… learn from others…

@!@  Ask for help and seek council from others…..@!@

Listen and follow your wife and childrens advice better… more often…

I could list a lot of other things, but working on both my strengths and weaknesses – will cover most of it – what could you be working on as an individual to better support the team?

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The following is more than a team player and leader – he was wise in helping his employees – enjoy and learn from Bob Chapman etc.