My Money and Life vs Jesus Christ

There has always been a battle between money and Closeness to Christ but there are a few exceptions of faithful people – Solomon for a while and Abraham forever – what was the difference? Between Solomon and Abraham?   Well – in a short answer Faith Full Actions all through out their lives –

Solomon – started out well but didn’t last – Abraham was always faithful – through out his life but there is third person we need to look at Job!

Job lost almost all that he possessed – but his faith and steadfastness to God, his wife, children, wealth, animals, friends, home, health, and was in great stress – even great trials, more then he had ever been in before… yet he was faithful and would not deny God, his name he would not profane, he would not curse GOD, deny him or seek to call upon God, even in the midst of all these great trials… he later gained all he had back and more… but could we do the same?

Watch the video and learn more about Job!

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