As Sons and Daughters of the Most High God

We are often blinded by our own sins and weaknesses – unfortunately – only as we choose to repent and turn to God can we discover our own greatness! Our Divine connections with God ( both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother), they are our own best hope and chance for greatness and change in an ever increasing and evil world… but remember light always overcomes the darkness – it’s darkest before the dawn..

Remember Remember who and what we are – sons and daughters of the Most High God! It’s in the memory and hope – that all things are possible ( ATAP)  Remember that Jesus Christ came to heal us and keep us from Sin and bring us to the Father… It’s through Christ we all come to the Father, and tap into our greatest potential as offspring of Gods – yes to become as Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are – Gods… This is our heritage our Hope and our Future if we Live for it…

Now let us Remember and Live like we used to as Sons and Daughters of  Most high God, to Love and serve each other as Sons and Daughters of God – Christ said – If ye love me – ye shall love one another, serve one another and bless one another as I would – if I were among you… See more @

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