Are you a Team Player?

I admit one of my biggest problems is not being a good team player…

So how can I help you?

Learn to do some of the things, that I have not learned to do well….

Find out more about what you like to do and use these to help your team more…

Learn to follow and lead – help and serve too… learn from others…

@!@  Ask for help and seek council from others…..@!@

Listen and follow your wife and childrens advice better… more often…

I could list a lot of other things, but working on both my strengths and weaknesses – will cover most of it – what could you be working on as an individual to better support the team?

My other sites are


Oh forgot facebook – and YouTube!

The following is more than a team player and leader – he was wise in helping his employees – enjoy and learn from Bob Chapman etc.

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