Tony Robbins and NAC

tony robbins1

Just going through the Ultimate Edge series of Tony Robbins… it will cost you at least 400 dollars, but it is well worth it… and one of the programs for change he uses Neuro Associative Conditioning or NAC is a system, part of the story on my video, was used or copied from – Tony Robbins NAC Sydney 2017

The full video is shown below….

Neuro Associative Conditioning or NAC is a system devised by Anthony Robbins.

1 – You must change – emotionally too painful not to change – again it must be a real MUST!

2 – You need to habitually BREAK, an emotional pattern you already have… remember it’s your responsibility to get into a habit of catching yourself and breaking this patter up..

3 – You must create a New Empowering association – with the conditioning you want, so you do what needs to get done, so you can produce results… indeed feel different and act different…

Tony’s assignment for US, was to pick 4 things, we want to work on, and make sure you do the three things we talked about – remember they must, be a MUST!


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